tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:/forums/21617 EchoSign - General on UserVoice 2014-09-16T13:24:27-07:00 tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19453534 2014-09-16T13:24:27-07:00 2014-09-16T13:24:27-07:00 Option to turn off blue border, but print transaction Number [updated] <p>The transaction number is required to be able to verify that an audit trail matches a signed document. However, currently the only way to include the transaction number on the signed document is with an accompanying blue border. We would like the option to have the transaction number added without the blue border.</p><p>Darren Croft said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>This works well and solves our need. Thanks. </p></div></p> Darren Croft tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19453479 2014-09-16T13:20:22-07:00 2014-09-16T13:20:22-07:00 Be the first to offer e-notary services. [updated] <p>Would it be possible to offer e-notary services thru echosign so people wouldn&#39;t have to find a notary and waste time getting docs back. </p><p>Darren Croft said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I don&#39;t know exactly how this would work, but we also have some situation where we are required to have notarized documents, but we don&#39;t know how to accomplish this with echosign.</p></div></p> Darren Croft tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19453289 2014-09-16T13:03:09-07:00 2014-09-16T13:03:09-07:00 Be able to be an admin without using a user license seat [updated] <p>I&#39;m in operations, administrate Salesforce.com, and oversee our contract processes. I don&#39;t need to be a signer. The way it&#39;s currently set up is that the admin takes up a user/signer license.</p><p>Darren Croft said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Agree. I need an admin account, but don&#39;t need to send documents except to test. I guess that means it would be nice to have a test or dev option too.</p></div></p> Darren Croft tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19423710 2014-09-13T16:58:48-07:00 2014-09-13T16:58:48-07:00 Include EchoSign in the full Creative Cloud subscription [updated] <p>Would be really useful to have the full EchoSign service available to Creative Cloud subscribers at no extra cost. Many creative firms issue proposals/invoices to clients and it would be useful to have EchoSign available seamlessly.</p><p>David Poindexter said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>+1</p></div></p> David Poindexter tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19398691 2014-09-11T09:11:32-07:00 2014-09-11T09:11:32-07:00 Documents need more than (11) Cc recipients. This number should be able to be adjusted easily to accomodate a user&#39;s needs. <p>Mark Walker suggested:<br />Documents need more than (11) Cc recipients. This number should be able to be adjusted easily to accomodate a user&#39;s needs.</p> Mark Walker tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19391008 2014-09-10T17:43:01-07:00 2014-09-10T17:43:01-07:00 More control of status emails. I really only want notification when document is filed. <p>Michael suggested:<br />Function would give user control of what status emails they receive. Example: only send a status email when document is filed. </p> Michael tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19386286 2014-09-10T10:49:43-07:00 2014-09-10T10:49:43-07:00 Charge transactions when they are sent, not when the document is opened. <p>Eric Aumen suggested:<br />Currently, if a document is opened by mistake and then closed to find the right document, you are charged with a transaction for the one you didnt send.</p> Eric Aumen tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19376633 2014-09-09T14:58:55-07:00 2014-09-09T14:58:55-07:00 phone field validation tooltip is misleading <p>Echo User suggested:<br />When a field is set to be validated as a phone number, your sample instructions instruct the user to enter it in the format at (555) 123-4567 but if the user enters the ( ) -,the data doesn&#39;t get accepted. This sets our customers up for failure and decreases the likelihood of them being able to fill out the form successfully. Not all users are technical and not all users will experiment without the ( ) -. Please adjust the HELP text that loads when PHONE fields are being typed in to reflect what the user should input (just numbers), not what a generic USA phone number looks like.</p> Echo User tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19376044 2014-09-09T14:02:51-07:00 2014-09-09T14:02:51-07:00 enable more advanced Adobe PDF features within echosign <p>Echo User suggested:<br />Since Adobe Echosign is an Adobe product, it&#39;d make sense to give us the ability to edit our PDF templates once they&#39;re uploaded to the library. These advanced features exist in other Adobe products. For example, I shouldn&#39;t have to go offline and make a brand new template just to delete a page or add some text to the template.</p> Echo User tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19374856 2014-09-09T12:00:08-07:00 2014-09-09T12:00:08-07:00 Mobile App for Android <p>Em Hernandez suggested:<br />Mobile app for Android users please!</p> Em Hernandez tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19374130 2014-09-09T10:52:12-07:00 2014-09-09T10:52:12-07:00 Sign the same document multiple times over time <p>Steve suggested:<br />Have one document (like a payment schedule) that needs signature approval over a long period of time. Allow people to eSign, then use the SAME document from your library and have them eSign again at a later date. </p> Steve tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19336027 2014-09-05T08:48:48-07:00 2014-09-05T08:48:48-07:00 Save contact information (first name, last name, address, etc) for email address and populate those fields next time <p>Jason Holden suggested:<br />I&#39;d like for Echosign to save the information for a given email address the first time a contract involving that party is sent out, and from then on out auto-populate that info whenever that email address is entered.</p> Jason Holden tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19309388 2014-09-03T05:24:07-07:00 2014-09-03T05:24:07-07:00 Include EchoSign in the full Creative Cloud subscription [updated] <p>Would be really useful to have the full EchoSign service available to Creative Cloud subscribers at no extra cost. Many creative firms issue proposals/invoices to clients and it would be useful to have EchoSign available seamlessly.</p><p>Michael Chadwick said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Agreed! Please make it part of the subscription service we&#39;re already paying for!</p></div></p> Michael Chadwick tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19257142 2014-08-29T06:14:19-07:00 2014-08-29T06:14:19-07:00 addd a second space for a second signature Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19248080 2014-08-28T11:44:04-07:00 2014-08-28T11:44:04-07:00 Make it possible for an EchoSign email to show as being sent from the sender&#39;s email address. [updated] <p>Instead of the email being sent from echosign@echosign.com, allow the sender to choose for the email to be shown as sent from their own email address. If the recipient is not familiar with EchoSign they may disregard the email or it may be sent to their spam folder.</p><p>A Smusz said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>There are email deliverability issues here.</p> <p>If you use an address as the &quot;from&quot; that does not match with the IP address of the domain server that the email came from, many &quot;spam filters&quot; will keep the email from getting to the recipient.</p></div></p> A Smusz tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19248044 2014-08-28T11:38:47-07:00 2014-08-28T11:38:47-07:00 More than one email address associated with user <p>Emily Teuben suggested:<br />Users should be able to add more than one email address to their account. In my company, every person has two email addresses associated with them. It would help if they could log into their account and see all documents sent to them. Right now, they essentially have to log into two separate accounts to see their documents because there are two possible signer email addresses associated with them.</p> Emily Teuben tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19248026 2014-08-28T11:36:13-07:00 2014-08-28T11:36:13-07:00 Message templates can be shared with specific groups <p>Emily Teuben suggested:<br />Message templates can be shared with specific groups instead of always with the whole account. There are some templates that we do not want to be shared with the whole company because they are specific to one business unit.</p> Emily Teuben tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19243819 2014-08-28T03:38:10-07:00 2014-08-28T03:38:10-07:00 change autosend emails to timezone of your country instead of default PST time <p>Ryan Gollan suggested:<br />I live in Australia and even though timezone is set to Australia for signing purposes, the automated reminder emails are set to PST time which means reminders are sent out around 2am/3am my time...not useful for clients. Would be great to be able to change the reminder timezone to the same as the signing timezone so reminders are sent at a time they will be read.</p> Ryan Gollan tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19236657 2014-08-27T12:56:02-07:00 2014-08-27T12:56:02-07:00 Combine previously created Widgets to make 1 comprehensive document &amp; make it possible to split &amp; merge documents that have been EchoSigned. [updated] <p>Want to utilize all of the widgets I already created into one document to be sent and then separate the electronically signed documents for filing. </p><p>Courtney said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I agree!</p></div></p> Courtney tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19236630 2014-08-27T12:53:26-07:00 2014-08-27T12:53:26-07:00 I would like to be able to organize my Document Library into folders. <p>Courtney suggested:<br />I send multiple documents to send at one time to different types of people. I would like the option to add folders to organize these and add documents for each group of people in their respective folder.</p> Courtney tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19233706 2014-08-27T07:48:03-07:00 2014-08-27T07:48:03-07:00 Shared data entry <p>Jennifer Searfoss suggested:<br />In my line of work, the end signator of many documents and contracts do not know required fields like their notice address. I would like documents sent to one person to enter the information into these fields, save the information, and then be able to forward it to the end signator!</p> Jennifer Searfoss tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19201605 2014-08-24T18:00:23-07:00 2014-08-24T18:00:23-07:00 Mange reports through bulk deletion and folders. <p>Nikki Brennan suggested:<br />I find the list of reports very difficult to manage when volumes are high as all the reports are mixed up together and are not in date order. Firstly the ability to set up folders for scheduled reports to help manage reports effectively. Especially for those scheduled reports. What would be better is for scheduled reports to be automatically filed into a folder. Also to help the management of the reports, an option to bulk delete reports which are no longer required would be useful. For instance, I had to delete over 60 individual scheduled reports one by one which was frustrating. </p> Nikki Brennan tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19193632 2014-08-23T18:27:20-07:00 2014-08-23T18:27:20-07:00 Change field signature, initials, and data text boxes to print in the background vs. foreground. <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />By placing the various boxes in the document background, all signatures, initials, data text, etc will overlay in the designated space with no white box around it that currently hides some text, especially in a document with tight line spaces. This way, signatures, initials, text fields, etc., can be placed without compromising words in the original document. </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19170919 2014-08-21T13:01:33-07:00 2014-08-21T13:01:33-07:00 Add back the one step/one button click option to send a reminder to the recipient when the document has been completed and sent <p>Ken D. Leavitt, CPA suggested:<br />Prior to your recent update, when the sender was finished sending a document there was an option to click a button to send a reminder to the recipient to sign the document. The two choices were daily or weekly reminders. Now the use has to go into the Manage document function and type the reminder and click on several other options. This adds an unnecessary and time consuming step to a process that was previously automated. Please add back the option to send reminders on the fly, by one click after the document has been sent to the recipient(s).</p> Ken D. Leavitt, CPA tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19169224 2014-08-21T10:57:22-07:00 2014-08-21T10:57:22-07:00 Signed date in the correct format for the language specified <p>Christopher Binovi suggested:<br />Custom dates can be formatted manually but the &quot;signed&quot; date {{_es_:signer:date}} cannot be formatted to the correct locale format. Should be done automatically by the language setting specified by the Agreement Template. </p> Christopher Binovi tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19166164 2014-08-21T05:36:25-07:00 2014-08-21T05:36:25-07:00 Ability to have multiple signer in Mega Sign document Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19166137 2014-08-21T05:33:52-07:00 2014-08-21T05:33:52-07:00 Add multiple signers to widgets [updated] <p>Widgets need the ability to have more than one signer, and also to have other workflow capabilities. Also, any changes need to be able to be fully controlled via the API.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I would agree with a previous post. The ability to have 2 different signers on the same Mega Sign / Widget would be a tremendous help to ALL school districts. Most, if not all schools are moving in the direction of paperless environment. There are multiple documents that needs to be signed on a yearly basis by both the parent and students, (e.g. Acceptable Use Policy, Media Release form, Laptop Agreement Form, Lab safety, Honor codes, etc. etc. etc.) To send out 2 different sets and to match up the student and parent is cumbersome and problematic for school districts. </p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19152083 2014-08-20T05:45:31-07:00 2014-08-20T05:45:31-07:00 In-person set up on PC then sign on iPad <p>Kristie suggested:<br />I would like to see the ability to create the document on the PC and then open it up on the iPad for in-person signing. As we attempt to go paperless and with the majority of our signings being in-person we need the ability to prep for the meeting on the PC and then complete the signing in the client meeting on the iPad.</p> Kristie tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19102124 2014-08-15T11:21:07-07:00 2014-08-15T11:21:07-07:00 Transparent Backgrounds for Signatures [updated] <p>Currently, when we get a signature, it comes back as a black signature on a white background. Sometimes this white box gets in the way of other things on the form. Is there a way that the signature can be a black signature on a transparent background?</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>This would be great, especially since you&#39;ve got all the data/layers and could easily display the sigs with a background if a particular viewer wanted to see them that way.</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19102112 2014-08-15T11:20:02-07:00 2014-08-15T11:20:02-07:00 Fix the placement of signatures on a PDF file to they appear exactly where you place them. [updated] <p>When you place the signature above the signature line on a PDF document, when the document is later presented for signatures, the areas are not where they were originally placed. I&#39;d like to see this fixed to the signatures remain where they were originally placed. If this is done, I&#39;ll upgrade to a paid account.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>We also need more alignment options. Not for the content of the fields, but for the fields themselves. I should be able to align a set of fields to the same place on the document without guessing and doing a bunch of careful dragging/testing. I recommend a UI where I can pull a guide onto the page, and then fields would snap to the guide when I dragged them near.</p> <p>Then, of course, the labels or content of those fields would actually need to start exactly at the alignment point.</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19102064 2014-08-15T11:15:02-07:00 2014-08-15T11:15:02-07:00 Provide a test environment [updated] <p>Instead of my having to use my co-workers to test on, it would be very valuable if Echosign would provide a test environment for their users. It would just be a production site where we could visually see the path in which the document takes without having to send to real life persons.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Yes! I find myself testing most documents on my self before sending them out. But this wrecks the stats Adobe is trying to keep on my signing success rate/times/etc. We need to be able to run though the signature process from the point of view of any/all particpants, without having to jump through hoops.</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19101841 2014-08-15T10:49:37-07:00 2014-08-15T10:49:37-07:00 Don&#39;t count draft and unsent documents as &#39;transactions&#39;! <p>Bob Atkins suggested:<br />Don&#39;t count draft and unsent documents as &#39;transactions&#39;! Currently, uploading a document, previewing it and then deleting the draft without sending it is counted as a transaction! This is just wrong. It didn&#39;t used to be this way. In fact you used to be able to send a document for signature and if it wasn&#39;t signed by the other party you could cancel it and it would not be counted as a transaction. Now the simple action of preparing a document and then aborting the send and deleting the draft is counted as a transaction!</p> Bob Atkins tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19092909 2014-08-14T13:49:58-07:00 2014-08-14T13:49:58-07:00 Sign within Gmail <p>Carlo Ferrara suggested:<br />Fix this issue. Would like the ability to sign a document within Gmail WITHOUT having to send it to another party for signature. This would be used for us to sign documents.</p> Carlo Ferrara tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19077965 2014-08-13T08:54:45-07:00 2014-08-13T08:54:45-07:00 Be able to select document from library &amp; use to create a widget and vice versa. [updated] <p>This way you don&#39;t have to redo all the fields you customized, marked required, set up to signer, sender, any. It would really make life easier.</p><p>Annoyed said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>This is potentially a deal-breaker for us as we have an onboarding microsite that we want employees to use from day one - signing the contract offer and signing into our onboarding portal were a perfect combination, but without a widget created from a template, that&#39;s going to mean we either don&#39;t save any HR time at all, having to create each document each time, or we dont have our applicants use the portal from day one and use templates and email.. Bit of a stunning oversight I think given the size of the companies you use as case studies and the claims of cost saving</p></div></p> Annoyed tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19070694 2014-08-12T17:34:01-07:00 2014-08-12T17:34:01-07:00 Customize 100% of the body of the emails [updated] <p>While you can currently customize about 90% of the emails EchoSign sends out with your logo, header, footer text, message, etc., it would be terrific to be able to customize it all the way to 100%</p><p>Michael Davis said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Agree on Subject line!</p></div></p> Michael Davis tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19066791 2014-08-12T09:40:00-07:00 2014-08-12T09:40:00-07:00 Integrate with QuickBooks 2010 [updated] <p>It would be fantastic to be able to create a quote and then have EchoSign send it out for approval.</p><p>Gibson Justin said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Echosign DriverLicense Justin De Gibson</p></div></p> Gibson Justin tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19059480 2014-08-11T17:24:52-07:00 2014-08-11T17:24:52-07:00 Signature fields <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Get rid of the four different tabs for the signature. Why do we need a tab for the signature/date/signer info fields/data fields/stamps? Do not like that change. I hate having to go back and forth for what I need. Signature, date, initials.... Put it all in one place. </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19055582 2014-08-11T10:17:12-07:00 2014-08-11T10:17:12-07:00 Add revision month/year or version # to user guide. <p>Betsy suggested:<br />Helps us know we are referring to current version and which release notes may or may not have been incorporated yet. (from a regulated industry user)</p> Betsy tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19053205 2014-08-11T05:37:37-07:00 2014-08-11T05:37:37-07:00 Export content of form fields in CSV [updated] <p>I have many customers fill out and sign forms that include information like name, address, phone, etc. It&#39;d be super-awesome if I could select some sub-set of my completed documents, then click &quot;Form Data Export&quot; and get a CSV file with one row per document and one column per field.</p><p>Justin said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>You have place a call to EchoSign support and they will remove this default limitation, that&#39;s what we had to do. Now when we do report exports all the form data comes out with it and can be utilized within other workflows.</p></div></p> Justin tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19033756 2014-08-08T19:19:37-07:00 2014-08-08T19:19:37-07:00 There should be customization for preset templates when setting signature fields [updated] <p>I use the same contract template for many contractors. It&#39;s a pain to click and drag the sign and initial boxes every time I have to do a contract. The total page number never changes, and the content on each page only varies slightly for Scope of Services, Deliverables, etc. If I could have a template set for contracts that allows me to customize where I want the sign/information fields for 2 or more signers for contracts, it would save me a lot of time and probably prevent carpal tunnel. :-)</p><p>James said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Is this feature available in the Adobe EchoSign Pro account? I&#39;m not seeing the option to create a form field template, only a document template.</p></div></p> James tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19024602 2014-08-07T23:31:11-07:00 2014-08-07T23:31:11-07:00 Set the number of data entry lines in a field [updated] <p>At present, if a given number of lines are displayed in a field, the signer can still enter more lines and the data scrolls down out of sight. That extra data is then lost. Please allow us to set the maximum number of lines that can be entered in a given field to prevent such data loss.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Looks like this idea is pretty old, but it is essential to the functionality of multi-line fields.</p> <p>Please bump this one up the list.</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19024572 2014-08-07T23:24:47-07:00 2014-08-07T23:24:47-07:00 Cannot Select text in form field with latest portal upgrade <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Latest upgrade of echosign portal will not let the user select default text in a form field. This worked fine in the last version. Please could this be fixed. </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19018668 2014-08-07T12:57:47-07:00 2014-08-07T12:57:47-07:00 Ability to send forms without requiring a signature field and/or initial field. [updated] <p>To be able to just upload and send forms without actually requiring a signature field or initial. Possibly, just an acknowledgement similar to other products after they receive the form? </p><p>Rob G said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Can you go into more detail about this? I want to send some docs to the Primary, some of which need to be signed some of which dont. Can making this person an &#39;approver&#39; achieve this?</p></div></p> Rob G tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19016178 2014-08-07T08:55:27-07:00 2014-08-07T08:55:27-07:00 Ability to send forms without requiring a signature field and/or initial field. [is now completed] <p>To be able to just upload and send forms without actually requiring a signature field or initial. Possibly, just an acknowledgement similar to other products after they receive the form? </p> Mangesh Bhandarkar tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19016177 2014-08-07T08:55:27-07:00 2014-08-07T08:55:27-07:00 Ability to send forms without requiring a signature field and/or initial field. [updated] <p>To be able to just upload and send forms without actually requiring a signature field or initial. Possibly, just an acknowledgement similar to other products after they receive the form? </p><p>Mangesh Bhandarkar (admin) responded:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Hi, <br />This functionality currently exists within EchoSign. If a participant needs to acknowledge acceptance then marking the participant as an approver when sending will not require the participant to have a signature or an initial on the document. <br />Thanks <br />EchoSign PM</p></div></p> Mangesh Bhandarkar tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19013265 2014-08-07T02:19:18-07:00 2014-08-07T02:19:18-07:00 Enable SSO authentication through MobileIron (mobile app) <p>Bart van den Heuvel suggested:<br />Enable SSO-based authentication for the Adobe Echosign mobile app through our corporate deployed MobileIron mobile device security application.</p> Bart van den Heuvel tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19013234 2014-08-07T02:12:44-07:00 2014-08-07T02:12:44-07:00 Improve login security for Single-Sign-On customers being external <p>Bart van den Heuvel suggested:<br />When using Single-Sign-On (as the primairy way of authentication), but in a mixed mode while also allowing the users to logon externally (when being outside of our corporate network), it would be helpful that as soon users are &#39;blocked&#39; or &#39;deleted&#39; from our Active Directory, that they are also refused access when trying to log on externally. Now the user still needs to be deactivated first by an Echosign administrator.</p> Bart van den Heuvel tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/19004532 2014-08-06T09:09:46-07:00 2014-08-06T09:09:46-07:00 Reports: Add Audit History, Reminder Details &amp; Notes. <p>Latonya suggested:<br />When running reports and exporting them to Excel, it would be helpful to see the audit history report details, reminder details and notes included in the report. This can be an option on the “Create a New Report” screen titled “Audit History” and “Reminders &amp; Notes”, so that it’s not automatic. This report will be sent to multiple people who can&#39;t log into EchoSign to see this information. It would be efficient to run one report to include all info, instead of running one report and multiple Audit History Reports. </p> Latonya tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/18996407 2014-08-05T15:36:05-07:00 2014-08-05T15:36:05-07:00 Allow senders to delete a page from document during preview. <p>Randi Robison suggested:<br />Allow sender to upload a document from his saved templates but during send mode allow sender ability to delete a page from document. </p> Randi Robison tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/18996232 2014-08-05T15:07:11-07:00 2014-08-05T15:07:11-07:00 Echo Sign needs a &quot;save as&quot; option to save completed documents to be saved either in archives, templates or some other area to be send later [updated] <p>Once a document has been filled out with email addresses and place holders there should be a way to &quot;Save As&quot; and hold the document until it is time to send it out. Then when appropriate I can go in and just hit send to start the process. Sometimes transactions cannot be sent out at the time they are created. This would enable me to create the document, save it, and then pull it up and send it while I am out working on other things.</p><p>GeorgePaul said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>i added a similar request above...lets get some momentum going!</p></div></p> GeorgePaul