tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:/forums/21617 Adobe Sign - General on UserVoice 2017-08-15T12:41:33-07:00 tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/48178774 2017-08-15T12:41:33-07:00 2017-08-15T12:41:33-07:00 Ideas Section on Adobe Sign <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />This ideas section should be on the AdobeSign portal when you log in. Either under the &quot;?&quot; or under &quot;Quick Start Guide&quot;</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/48147325 2017-08-14T10:21:54-07:00 2017-08-14T10:21:54-07:00 Retrieve Deleted Documents <p>Marie suggested:<br />Due to a glitch in the system, I accidentally deleted a document that should not have been deleted. Is it possible to create a Deleted folder under the templates in Mange that empties after x amount of time, instead of instantaneously deleting the document? </p> Marie tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/48122035 2017-08-13T05:12:45-07:00 2017-08-13T05:12:45-07:00 Two factor authentication supported. <p>Jacob Colton suggested:<br />Please can you support two factor authentication.</p> Jacob Colton tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/48056356 2017-08-10T06:52:01-07:00 2017-08-10T06:52:01-07:00 Add in a BCC field <p>Alex Rowe suggested:<br />Adding in a BCC field so the document and message can be sent to parties without the signer seeing. For our use the signer knows all the parties that will see the document but to not cause confusion with who to contact not being able to see them would prove beneficial.</p> Alex Rowe tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47634046 2017-07-21T14:22:59-07:00 2017-07-21T14:22:59-07:00 Add Flatten Form Fields <p>Kevin (I cancelled my service over this.) suggested:<br />Need to add functionality to flatten form fields. I just cancelled my account (I hope) because Docusing lowered their price and has that.</p> Kevin (I cancelled my service over this.) tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47624908 2017-07-21T09:37:38-07:00 2017-07-21T09:37:38-07:00 Customize Subject Line of emails generated to recipients for all workflow stages. [updated] <p>We’d like to be able to customize the subject line of emails generated by Ecosign. As an example, the subject line of the last email generated currently has the document name, each signer’s name, the echosign account profile name, then followed by ‘signed and filed”. Suggestion from the business was to allow enterprise Echosign licensed user to edit the subject line or set a default such as the following prefix: &quot;Completed &amp; signed” Received input from business groups and vendors the final email generated by Echosign is overlooked as the subject line sounds similar to other email threads going around on the same topic which are also using the document name e.g. .SW License </p><p>Jana Nagarajan said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>There has been a similar request from our business users as well. Any word on getting this implemented?</p></div></p> Jana Nagarajan tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47531212 2017-07-17T09:49:21-07:00 2017-07-17T09:49:21-07:00 Make radio buttons un-clickable <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />If you are completing a form and mistakenly select a radio button in an optional field, there is no way to correct the mistake without re-starting the form. For longer forms, this would be a nice feature for the signer.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47433445 2017-07-13T09:38:49-07:00 2017-07-13T09:38:49-07:00 Allow widget owner to not be CC&#39;d <p>Ryan suggested:<br />When creating a widget on behalf of the department, the individual who created the widget often does not need to be emailed. We would add a distribution list for the department as a CC recipient. Allow us to define ALL CC recipients, not just add additional ones in addition to the widget owner.</p> Ryan tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47392282 2017-07-12T08:45:28-07:00 2017-07-12T08:45:28-07:00 Have a Back Button on Preview-and-Place-Fields Screen <p>Nick Lee suggested:<br />A lot of customers click &quot;Send&quot; and go to the preview-and-place-fields screen, only to find they forgot to include a signer or they had the wrong order specified. A back button would solve all of these issues. </p> Nick Lee tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47353687 2017-07-11T06:59:33-07:00 2017-07-11T06:59:33-07:00 Add Feature To Remove A Signer <p>Asim AG suggested:<br />Often times I run into situation where I have a signer who refuses to sign the document. The document cannot proceed to the next signer. I would really appreciate your team considers this feature to remove a signer from the workflow that way the document can proceed to the next signer in line.</p> Asim AG tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47151466 2017-07-03T11:24:58-07:00 2017-07-03T11:24:58-07:00 Add documents with signature fields to the Welcome Package <p>Tim Shores suggested:<br />My company uses the Adobe Sign &#39;welcome package&#39; feature: after signing is complete, the recipients automatically receive additional documents that did not appear in the signing process. Unfortunately I can&#39;t include documents with their own dynamic signature fields in the welcome package. If a document has a dynamic but generic signature field, the first signer is required to sign it. Our welcome package is meant to include additional forms to be filled out later and optionally, at the signer&#39;s convenience. But to do this, we must either send a dynamic PDF separately, or we must remove the dynamic signature field from the forms so it doesn&#39;t show up and block the signing process, or we must organize separate templates and find out in advance if they intend to fill out form XYZ ... all very cumbersome. The better solution would be if I could exclude certain documents entirely from the signing.</p> Tim Shores tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47059777 2017-06-29T13:39:48-07:00 2017-06-29T13:39:48-07:00 Need to be able to be able to adjust the columns so can see the entire name of the agreement. And for those with multi screens allow more a [updated] <p>Need to be able to adjust the columns so can see the entire name of agreement or person. With larger screens, need to be able to resize and take advantage of that.</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>You have unsigned; signed and archieved. There needs to be an option signed outside of the system where you can upload since some bulk at signing electronically. Now I have to archive and have to remember which ones are active versus those terminated or ended.</p> <p>And when archive, it would be nice to have a feature - archive forever, or archive by date to mesh with document retention policies so could be deleted after 1 year or 3 years or whatever you set as a date.</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/47059693 2017-06-29T13:36:41-07:00 2017-06-29T13:36:41-07:00 Need to be able to be able to adjust the columns so can see the entire name of the agreement. And for those with multi screens allow more a <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Need to be able to adjust the columns so can see the entire name of agreement or person. With larger screens, need to be able to resize and take advantage of that.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/46963552 2017-06-26T14:22:10-07:00 2017-06-26T14:22:10-07:00 Text messages (SMS) with signing link [updated] <p>It would be great if you could send contracts with the signing link in a text message through cellphones!</p><p>Piyan Verni said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I love to have this function. </p></div></p> Piyan Verni tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/46825828 2017-06-19T14:24:55-07:00 2017-06-19T14:24:55-07:00 Cancel/Delete Multiple Docs at the same time. [updated] <p>Currently, you have to delete each agreement, separately. We have hundreds of duplicates in the unsigned docs section on the manage tab. We would like to have check boxes to select multiple documents to cancel at the same time. Better yet, have an option to get rid of the duplicate submissions. </p><p>Mary Harris-King said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I see this was originally suggested 8 years ago and a lot of users have voted for it, so why has it not been enabled? We just upgraded to Enterprise and I was hoping this would be among the enhancements, but it looks like I am still stuck deleting old items one at a time.</p></div></p> Mary Harris-King tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/46757674 2017-06-15T10:36:41-07:00 2017-06-15T10:36:41-07:00 Expiration notification sent to sender <p>Amanda suggested:<br />In addition to the reminder options, create a notification to the sender that the agreement is expiring soon.</p> Amanda tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/46645333 2017-06-09T09:35:37-07:00 2017-06-09T09:35:37-07:00 Message Text Box Changes <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />The system works great except for the Message box. It&#39;s a fixed size and needs to expand - you can only see a couple of lines at a time. It is insanely easy to miss typos etc. In fact adding some HTML formatting tools wouldn&#39;t hurt! These are important legal documents - please let us make the message look professional.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/46416628 2017-05-28T20:38:52-07:00 2017-05-28T20:38:52-07:00 Save signature should not be default <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />The new checkbox to save signatures should not be the default. I should have an option on settings to be asked before saving my signature, other than having to uncheck the box all the time. I don&#39;t want to save my signature, I want to sign every time.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/46139701 2017-05-14T22:54:38-07:00 2017-05-14T22:54:38-07:00 protected password document using mega sign <p>David suggested:<br />it&#39;s essential to enable individual password while using mega sign.</p> David tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45986863 2017-05-08T04:58:33-07:00 2017-05-08T04:58:33-07:00 Copy or duplicate an existing library template <p>Megan Ullinskey suggested:<br />We currently have documents in our library that we need to use for another line of business. It would be nice to have an option to copy an existing library template and rename it rather than having to reload it, define all the fields, etc. This feature would save an incredible amount of time. </p> Megan Ullinskey tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45873823 2017-05-03T02:54:04-07:00 2017-05-03T02:54:04-07:00 Account sharing on deactivated accounts <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Currently when you de-activate a users account (an employee is leaving) the admin can choose to &#39;view agreements&#39;. However, if you are a new admin for the account, there is no option to backdate viewing agreements in accounts of users that have already left. I am finding it increasingly frustrating that I am needing to find documents that other employees have sent out (prior to me joining the company) and I cannot go into their account and access these. The only way around this is to re-activate the account and reassign their account to a new email address. As this has happened a few times recently, I am having to create new email accounts to re-assign the deactivated accounts to. This is time consuming and frustrating. As admin&#39;s, it would be really useful to have full access to the accounts in order to support requests coming through. This is also the same for employees that have not allowed sharing with you on their account and when they are on leave you need to recall incorrect documents that have gone out through their account.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45616192 2017-04-20T13:23:43-07:00 2017-04-20T13:23:43-07:00 Reports: Audit History <p>Amanda suggested:<br />While each audit history is captured within each send, the functionality to create reports that include all audit history for all sends at once does not exist. This added function will allow my team to prove that Adobe Sign is a productivity improvement as we rely heavily on the cycle time of each document.</p> Amanda tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45600139 2017-04-20T00:56:24-07:00 2017-04-20T00:56:24-07:00 Define a default message template for individual library templates <p>Philip mitchell suggested:<br />Ability to define a default message template for each document in the library.</p> Philip mitchell tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45581962 2017-04-19T07:58:01-07:00 2017-04-19T07:58:01-07:00 Report on more criteria than just &#39;Created Date&#39; <p>Kieran Brown suggested:<br />I need to report information on the completed documents each week. As the current format only allows reporting based on what was created in a week I am having to pull much larger reports from longer periods, consolidate this and manual work with the data. More searching criteria would be very useful.</p> Kieran Brown tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45581746 2017-04-19T07:48:01-07:00 2017-04-19T07:48:01-07:00 Widget: More workflow [updated] <p>I would really like to see workflow such as: widget signer 1 completes the form and has the option to insert an email address and details of widget signer 2. So it is then routed to widget signer 2 to review and sign, and finally returned to the Adobe Sign account holder/widget creator. </p><p>Philip mitchell said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I would greatly appreciate this functionality too.</p></div></p> Philip mitchell tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45581653 2017-04-19T07:45:13-07:00 2017-04-19T07:45:13-07:00 Dynamic approval of Widgets based on form field entries <p>Philip mitchell suggested:<br />Allow Widgets to be routed for approval to email addresses that are entered into fields in the document. For example, we have many forms that require department manager approval. I want to have a single Widget which includes a field &quot;Dept Manager&#39;s email address&quot;. Once submitted the widget will be sent to the entered email address for approval. Currently the Widget approval routing is fixed at creation. This feature would allow me to place almost all our corporate forms on our Intranet. </p> Philip mitchell tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45581518 2017-04-19T07:39:43-07:00 2017-04-19T07:39:43-07:00 Add a link to the current audit trail inside an agreement <p>Philip mitchell suggested:<br />Allow a link to the current audit trail to be placed inside an agreement to allow signers without an account to view previous approvers and document history prior to signing.</p> Philip mitchell tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/45419617 2017-04-10T13:49:56-07:00 2017-04-10T13:49:56-07:00 Share a link to a signed document with a non-signer instead of download/email - or instead of download/upload to another service to share <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />We sometimes need to share contracts with other users, internally and/or externally. It would be useful if we could just send them the link to the doc rather than having to download it and email it - it&#39;s already cloud based, so it seems kind of silly. Even worse, what we&#39;ve resorted to doing is just taking it off of Adobe, uploading to somewhere like Google Drive, and sharing ti that way. Worse because it seems ridiculous that this isn&#39;t an option on a cloud-based e-sign service.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44944060 2017-03-23T11:39:36-07:00 2017-03-23T11:39:36-07:00 Please add an address book feature to adobe sign, so we don&#39;t have to add addresses each time when send a document. Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44890960 2017-03-21T13:15:37-07:00 2017-03-21T13:15:37-07:00 Deleting A Template <p>Whitney suggested:<br />I think it woulbe be very beneficial if you were able to delete a template you&#39;ve created. Like for example, I have atleast 5 or 6 in my document library that were only used for testing and are no longer needed. It just takes up unescessary space on your document list and makes it more difficult to find the right (correct) template you&#39;re wanting to use. </p> Whitney tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44847751 2017-03-20T10:38:36-07:00 2017-03-20T10:38:36-07:00 Add ability to upload Company Letterhead to Document when signing <p>Benjamin Smith suggested:<br />Many legal documents require the client to sign on their &#39;company paper&#39;, an issue which can be tackled by adding a letterhead to a virtual document. It would be extremely useful if one could upload their letterhead logo to a doc when signing, exactly how the attachment field works currently, however instead of adding the doc below the form, this will add it as an image on the form. </p> Benjamin Smith tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44844013 2017-03-20T07:45:54-07:00 2017-03-20T07:45:54-07:00 Widgets: editing features <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />There should be options to edit permanent signers, without needing to re-create the document from scratch. The current option does not allow us to do such and it is very time consuming and not what I expect from a Adobe product.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44843950 2017-03-20T07:43:52-07:00 2017-03-20T07:43:52-07:00 Widget: Option to change signer when they are absent <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />There should be options to simply change a fixed signer or be able to set alternate signer (via workflow) i.e. if the first signer fails to sign within a set period of time. At the moment, there is no solution if someone is OoO.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44843881 2017-03-20T07:41:32-07:00 2017-03-20T07:41:32-07:00 Widget: More workflow <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />I would really like to see workflow such as: widget signer 1 completes the form and has the option to insert an email address and details of widget signer 2. So it is then routed to widget signer 2 to review and sign, and finally returned to the Adobe Sign account holder/widget creator. </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44721514 2017-03-15T16:23:44-07:00 2017-03-15T16:23:44-07:00 Allow user to go back to first &#39;send screen&#39; once they are in review screen (without having to start again) Ruby tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44712646 2017-03-15T09:19:30-07:00 2017-03-15T09:19:30-07:00 On a Team Account, could there be addition and/or a deletion of a signer DURING its routing. <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Under the Team Account, to be able to add and/or remove a signer DURING its routing. </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44549572 2017-03-08T09:46:11-08:00 2017-03-08T09:46:11-08:00 Multiple Signers on Megasign(where the sender is not necessarily a signer): [updated] <p>For example on the CSC the fields could be _es_signer_email _es_signer2_email in this case &#39;_es_signer2_email &#39; could be the sender or any other 3rd party and the principle holds if more signers are necessary e.g. _es_signer3_email etc. etc. If someone didnt want to use the CSV option and wanted to do it on the dashboard then they could paste multiple participant 1 email addresses in to a participant 1 box and then enter the relevant participant 2 </p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I really like this idea. We have multiple contracts that go out requiring both spouses to sign - being able to do this via megasign would save hours.</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44366269 2017-02-28T12:54:24-08:00 2017-02-28T12:54:24-08:00 editable widgets i.e. ability to edit a widget [updated] <p>Widgets once created are not editable. Make them so!</p><p>Denver said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>When is this "Planned" to be released? It is a HUGE problem to have to go back and re-create every widget for a simply name correction or email update.</p></div></p> Denver tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/44125477 2017-02-16T13:22:05-08:00 2017-02-16T13:22:05-08:00 Robust Preview <p>German Khanagov suggested:<br />We want to be able to cycle through EACH document preview before sending a Mega Sign, thus being able to visually verify that each document has its proper data from the CSV affixed to it.</p> German Khanagov tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43982083 2017-02-10T13:29:11-08:00 2017-02-10T13:29:11-08:00 Enable multiple signatures for Mega Sign <p>Natalie suggested:<br />Such as for countersigning the same document that has been sent to different primary signees. This would be convenient for my line of work, where I often have to send documents to dozens of signees that need one or two countersignatures by certain individuals afterwards. I imagine more flexibility with Mega Sign options can have other applications as well.</p> Natalie tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43919035 2017-02-08T06:31:06-08:00 2017-02-08T06:31:06-08:00 Enable editable distribution lists that can be pulled up as needed to send documents. <p>Diane suggested:<br />We send out policies etc. to our employees at various times. As a small company, I do not have access to sophisticated tools. Currently, I either make copies and have employees sign and then have to scan these in (laborious, wast of paper and time), or I have to re-create the distribution list for each instance. </p> Diane tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43890298 2017-02-07T07:04:59-08:00 2017-02-07T07:04:59-08:00 Reports without percentage of &quot;Cancelled/Declined&quot; status <p>Sbai suggested:<br />I have an idea for improving the selection of reports. Create the possibilty to choose report by status for example option to diselect the status &quot;Cancelled/Declined&quot;. In that case you have a better view of how many percentage of contracts that are completed and not completed (In process). </p> Sbai tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43796629 2017-02-02T12:56:29-08:00 2017-02-02T12:56:29-08:00 Address Book [updated] <p>the address book really stinks as you know from all the posts below.... need a way to delete and modify existing e mail addresses.... i spent 1.5 hrs deleting over 400 records with an old e mail address just in order to have it deleted from the address book.... your tech, Don was very helpful and agreed this needs to be fixed... thanks</p><p>Thao Pham-Aaltonen said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I agree! My users hate this problem, invalid or bad emails being used in the predictive email send and no way to manage address book, etc. Had I realized how painful this would be, I think it might've been a deal breaker for us in evaluating the different vendors and who to go with as this is a day-to-day routine type of functionality that should be a part of the product.</p></div></p> Thao Pham-Aaltonen tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43610356 2017-01-25T07:32:43-08:00 2017-01-25T07:32:43-08:00 upload pdf attachments are a hassle <p>James Friendship suggested:<br />It appears that PDFs created on a MAC or from software systems not acrobat DC, crash the server at echosign when being added to an attachment in the form. (comfirmed by support). If the pdfs are flattened in DC first and then uploaded the system will accept the pdf. Please make the system flatten pdfs when atatching and then all pdfs will work. We have sent forms requiring copies of work permits around the world and around a third crashed the echosign server. Not a good customer experience</p> James Friendship tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43581001 2017-01-24T06:17:24-08:00 2017-01-24T06:17:24-08:00 Cancel Mega Sign After signed <p>Stephanie Huber suggested:<br />Currently once you send a mega sign and it has been signed by one person you can not bulk cancel the Mega Sign, but have to cancel individual documents. Errors are often found soon after the send but folks will sign without reading. In our circumstance we now have to individually delete 700 sends because 1 person signed the document. Thanks!</p> Stephanie Huber tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43519654 2017-01-20T15:07:37-08:00 2017-01-20T15:07:37-08:00 Customize 100% of the body of the emails [updated] <p>While you can currently customize about 90% of the emails EchoSign sends out with your logo, header, footer text, message, etc., it would be terrific to be able to customize it all the way to 100%</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Agree, we would also like the increased functionality of being able to customize the email wording 100% as well as the layout of the email, and the font size. </p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43466566 2017-01-18T13:02:22-08:00 2017-01-18T13:02:22-08:00 Make the submit button visible on the widget at all times. <p>Leah Walton suggested:<br />The submit button on the widget does not appear until all required fields are complete. This is causing a lot of confusion with signers thinking they are done! The button should be visible at all times, perhaps greyed out to signify that the signer missed a field. This is a standard practice across the board and I desperately wish Echosign would make this change.</p> Leah Walton tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43303072 2017-01-11T06:46:35-08:00 2017-01-11T06:46:35-08:00 Signature fields [updated] <p>Get rid of the four different tabs for the signature. Why do we need a tab for the signature/date/signer info fields/data fields/stamps? Do not like that change. I hate having to go back and forth for what I need. Signature, date, initials.... Put it all in one place. </p><p>John Carrithers said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p> 99% of documents require a signature, name and date. Why are these still on different tabs? You have to switch back and forth to apply them. Echosign realized they were commonly needed and had them availabe on the same tab do you don't have to tab back and forth. Adobe has added some great things. But you keep moving backwards on UI.</p></div></p> John Carrithers tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43262245 2017-01-09T13:26:22-08:00 2017-01-09T13:26:22-08:00 Hide email addresses in auto-generated emails. <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />I&#39;m going to echo the plea to please hide email addresses in the auto-generated email when you select &quot;sign in any order&quot;. This is severely limiting my functionality with Adobe Sign, as I don&#39;t need recipients having each others&#39; contact information.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:Event/43150486 2017-01-04T08:05:51-08:00 2017-01-04T08:05:51-08:00 Cancel/Delete Multiple Docs at the same time. [updated] <p>Currently, you have to delete each agreement, separately. We have hundreds of duplicates in the unsigned docs section on the manage tab. We would like to have check boxes to select multiple documents to cancel at the same time. Better yet, have an option to get rid of the duplicate submissions. </p><p>Reg said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>I'll add my vote! The ability to delete multiple duplicates or canceled docs is required.</p></div></p> Reg