tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:/forums/21617 Adobe Sign - General on UserVoice 2017-12-12T10:31:07-05:00 tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/84337756 2017-12-12T10:31:07-05:00 Improve the document download ease of use <p>Cathy Sutton suggested:<br />Downloading documents currently is not easy - please implement a way to identify documents for download by either the document name and/or date range...similar to the reporting. I&#39;d like to see the reporting leveraged so that any documents being referenced in a report, there is an additional feature to &quot;download all documents referenced&quot; by the report/ Ie. if the report references 50 documents signed, then a link is provided to download those 50 documents and each individual document has the email address as part of the document name to easily identify who the document was signed by.</p> Cathy Sutton tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/83327548 2017-11-20T12:02:12-05:00 Send on Behalf <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Some of the users are requesting send on behalf like outlook on the portal, which can be managed by themselves or admins. </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/83220967 2017-11-17T11:21:51-05:00 For Widget, verification email should come From Host <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />The Widget email the signer receives to confirm signature and verify identify currently comes from &quot;Adobe Sign&quot;. The email should be FROM: Host Name (ie, the company that owns widget and request signature). Signer is working with &quot;Host Company&quot; not Adobe, and misses the verification email.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/82560892 2017-11-01T08:02:03-04:00 Clone a Template <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Add the functionality to be able to clone a template.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/82401679 2017-10-27T12:50:36-04:00 Email Attachment Option Removal for Documents with SSN for All Account Levels (Personal Subscriptions too.) <p>EBAUSER suggested:<br />Email Attachment Option Removal for Documents with SSN for All Account Levels (Personal Subscriptions too.) This seems like a major security flaw given Adobe ships each account with forms (W-9/I-9 as an example) that request Social Security Numbers etc. The want to differentiate the product levels for monthly costs / class of support / annual commitments seems to be the driver here over protecting users and data. That is a major problem from a product design for Adobe&#39;s SAAS products and SOP. &#39;Given email is inherently insecure and PDF passwords are easily broken. This is really a big liability for Adobe Corp. If a signed agreement is sent via email in a scenario between two parties or multiple parties, the attachment in the email is then sent through who knows what servers with sensitive information on it essentially in the clear. While, true, you can password protect the data via a invite password for signing, the PDF password is kind of a joke. PDF encryption/passwords are easily broken and aren&#39;t a reliable form of protection or encryption. PDF password are more like closing a door than locking and securing it. Contacting support didn&#39;t seem to sway any response other than a fundamental misunderstanding how email works, a desire to upsell me, the contacting user, on a business plan, and a promise to bring up the issue with senior support. Adobe Systems Corp. has moral, professional, and legal responsibility to address this security issue. The SSL encrypted web interface only as a method for interacting with audit trails and notifications only over email, is probably the best way to address this. In the wake of Equifax leaks and Adobe&#39;s past issues with Adobe Creative Cloud accounts being compromised, you think this would be a greater priority.</p> EBAUSER tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/82344352 2017-10-26T09:11:44-04:00 Mass update field attributes <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Need the ability to mass update field attributes. If a use case for a template change due to new business processes and signer 1 needs to be signer 2 or anyone needs to be signer 1, changing 1 by 1 is very painful.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81937075 2017-10-17T11:25:30-04:00 Shared data entry [is now under review] <p>In my line of work, the end signator of many documents and contracts do not know required fields like their notice address. I would like documents sent to one person to enter the information into these fields, save the information, and then be able to forward it to the end signator!</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81936988 2017-10-17T11:22:43-04:00 Email document simultaneously to multiple recepients [is now under review] <p>The system sends documents in sequential order if there are more than one signer. The second signer is sent only when the first has signed. There should be option to send document to all signers simultaneously.</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81936565 2017-10-17T11:10:55-04:00 Re-use previous send messages [is now under review] <p>I send the same transmittal message each time. I would like to be able to have a drop down that lets me pick previously used messages. As it is now I have to cut and paste them from a Notepad document into the Echosign form.</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81933904 2017-10-17T09:48:39-04:00 Drag and Drop files from desktop to be uploaded using Google Chrome and other browsers like GMail attachments [is now under review] Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81933862 2017-10-17T09:47:19-04:00 Docusign allows you to get a contract signed and at time of signature the document to go to another party ( someone that did not sign the do [is now under review] <p>Docusign allows you to get a contract signed and at time of signature the document to go to another party ( someone that did not sign the document). For example: Person A initiates the contract - Person B signs the contract and Person A receives the contract but at that time I&#39;d like Person C to also receive the contract so that Person A does not have to forward the signed contract. Does that make sense? This capability is possible with Docusign. </p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81900007 2017-10-16T13:55:46-04:00 Encourage &amp; make clearer to signer they can &quot;draw&quot; their own signature. Reducing risk of challenges saying &quot;That&#39;s not my signature&quot; etc. [is now under review] <p>Just concerned and as another way to avoid someone &quot;Trying it on&quot;. If someone breaks a contract then doubt the legality of these then of course it&#39;s a hassle anyway. If the signer opts for the pre-drawn signature then surely this is going to pave the way for more difficult customer to say &quot;That&#39;s my signature&quot; etc. If they were encouraged to draw it as the first option then although it is all Legal it will actually appear more legal to signers. Hopefully stopping any challenges before they start. </p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81899497 2017-10-16T13:48:12-04:00 Import digital signatures that were created or supported in Adobe Acrobat [is now under review] <p>Add the ability to import digital signatures that were created or supported n Adobe Acrobat</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81899005 2017-10-16T13:41:15-04:00 Two factor authentication supported. [is now under review] <p>Please can you support two factor authentication.</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81898444 2017-10-16T13:34:43-04:00 Facilitate large numbers of signers on counterpart signature pages [is now under review] <p>A frequent legal task is getting sign-offs on consents, contracts or other documents from multiple parties. For example, I might need each of 50 stockholders to consent in writing to a resolution. There will normally be a separate signature line for each. The existing simple interface does not permit this. EVERY lawyer in the world wants this feature -- they just don&#39;t know it yet.</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81897478 2017-10-16T13:18:57-04:00 Fill &amp; Sign: Allow you to sign and file documents locally. [is now under review] <p>I sign and send documents out for viewing. I have to either be able to save it locally or send it to myself to be saved due to legal requirements to have the file kept in certain locations. Echosign will not let me send to myself or save a signed document directly .</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81896206 2017-10-16T12:45:51-04:00 Start supporting Androis [is now under review] Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81802543 2017-10-13T10:08:26-04:00 Allow both SENDER &amp; SIGNER to edit the same field where designated <p>Richard Bushell suggested:<br />We’d like to prefill CERTAIN details as a courtesy for our clients, but allow them to be able to edit them if errors etc, e.g. address, phone number, etc… Most forms I get have already had my contact details filled in by a service provider to save me a lot of time and effort. I can just correct them if there’s an error. We don’t want to allow them to be able to edit other sections, such as products and prices, just some fields. Just need an option to flag certain fields as editable by both sender and signer.</p> Richard Bushell tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81712633 2017-10-11T09:05:12-04:00 &#39;&gt;ajay&lt;&quot; <p>&#39;&gt;ajay&lt;&quot;</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>&lt;/title&gt;</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81712576 2017-10-11T09:03:49-04:00 &#39;&gt;ajay&lt;&quot; <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />&#39;&gt;ajay&lt;&quot;</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81245929 2017-09-29T12:48:31-04:00 Add time frame to auto delegation <p>Roger Erne suggested:<br />Please add a time frame to &quot;Auto delegation&quot; because today the auto delegation is a fix delegation (forever as long as the user does not delete the delegation again. It would be handy to set a time frame like to weeks for auto delegation and when the user delegator is back does NOT to remember that delegation is still active (it should disable it self after set time frame has passed). </p> Roger Erne tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81245677 2017-09-29T12:41:10-04:00 Add more than 1 e-mail address for auto delegation <p>Roger Erne suggested:<br />Today we can only add 1 e-mail address into the filed &quot;Auto delegation&quot;. Make sure we can add more than only 1 e-mail address for auto delegation as people can be as well in vacation and therefore auto delegation to more than 1 e-mail address is needed.</p> Roger Erne tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81218275 2017-09-29T08:19:31-04:00 Allow signer to preserve form data when delegating a form to another signer [is now under review] <p>Frequently we have a need to send a document to a customer to be filled out and signed where the form is sent to an intermediary person that completes the form then gives the form to an authorized person to sign. We would like to be able to have the initial person the document is sent to (frequently our point of contact) who may not have the final authority to sign open the document, complete some if not all of the fields, then click the link to forward the document to another person to sign. When the other person opens the document, form data entered by the first person would be preserved so the final signer only needs to sign (assuming all required fields are completed). I could see an option to preserve or clear the form data when the document is forwarded. An example would be when a person from the financial department completes all relevant form fields, but sends the form to the president of the company to enter into the agreement. Frequently the president does not want to take the time to fill out the document. </p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/81218062 2017-09-29T08:10:17-04:00 Customize 100% of the body of the emails [is now under review] <p>While you can currently customize about 90% of the emails EchoSign sends out with your logo, header, footer text, message, etc., it would be terrific to be able to customize it all the way to 100%</p> Scott tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/80548315 2017-09-14T15:41:30-04:00 POWER USER <p>dan davis suggested:<br />We need a POWER USER option so the Admin or Owner can manage people beneath him/her or other owners who have historical agreements that need to be cancelled.</p> dan davis tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/52789228 2017-08-13T08:12:45-04:00 Two factor authentication supported. <p>Jacob Colton suggested:<br />Please can you support two factor authentication.</p> Jacob Colton tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/52686757 2017-08-10T09:52:01-04:00 Add a BCC field <p>Alex Rowe suggested:<br />Adding in a BCC field so the document and message can be sent to parties without the signer seeing. For our use the signer knows all the parties that will see the document but to not cause confusion with who to contact not being able to see them would prove beneficial.</p> Alex Rowe tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/51401197 2017-07-12T11:45:29-04:00 Have a Back Button on Preview-and-Place-Fields Screen <p>Nick Lee suggested:<br />A lot of customers click &quot;Send&quot; and go to the preview-and-place-fields screen, only to find they forgot to include a signer or they had the wrong order specified. A back button would solve all of these issues. </p> Nick Lee tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/49705372 2017-05-28T23:38:52-04:00 Save signature should not be default <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />The new checkbox to save signatures should not be the default. I should have an option on settings to be asked before saving my signature, other than having to uncheck the box all the time. I don&#39;t want to save my signature, I want to sign every time.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/48755695 2017-05-03T05:54:04-04:00 Account sharing on deactivated accounts <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Currently when you de-activate a users account (an employee is leaving) the admin can choose to &#39;view agreements&#39;. However, if you are a new admin for the account, there is no option to backdate viewing agreements in accounts of users that have already left. I am finding it increasingly frustrating that I am needing to find documents that other employees have sent out (prior to me joining the company) and I cannot go into their account and access these. The only way around this is to re-activate the account and reassign their account to a new email address. As this has happened a few times recently, I am having to create new email accounts to re-assign the deactivated accounts to. This is time consuming and frustrating. As admin&#39;s, it would be really useful to have full access to the accounts in order to support requests coming through. This is also the same for employees that have not allowed sharing with you on their account and when they are on leave you need to recall incorrect documents that have gone out through their account.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/48370669 2017-04-21T10:56:55-04:00 Customize 100% of the body of the emails <p>While you can currently customize about 90% of the emails EchoSign sends out with your logo, header, footer text, message, etc., it would be terrific to be able to customize it all the way to 100%</p><p>Hack the Planet Hack the Planet said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/u3CKgkyc7Qo#%22onload=%22alert(document.domain)&amp;quot">https://www.youtube.com/embed/u3CKgkyc7Qo#"onload="alert(document.domain)&amp;quot</a>; ?wmode=opaque</p></div></p> Hack the Planet Hack the Planet tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/48343900 2017-04-20T16:21:24-04:00 While Audit History is available within each send, the functionality to create a detailed report with those metrics does not exist. <p>Amanda suggested:<br />While each send captures audit history details, the functionality to run a report that includes all audit history for all sends at once does not exist. This added function will allow my team to prove that Adobe Sign is a productivity improvement.</p> Amanda tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/47339242 2017-03-23T14:39:37-04:00 Please add an address book feature to adobe sign, so we don&#39;t have to add addresses each time when send a document. Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/47028568 2017-03-15T19:23:44-04:00 Allow user to go back to first &#39;send screen&#39; once they are in review screen (without having to start again) Ruby tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/47013643 2017-03-15T12:19:30-04:00 On a Team Account, could there be addition and/or a deletion of a signer DURING its routing. <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Under the Team Account, to be able to add and/or remove a signer DURING its routing. </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/45173182 2017-02-10T16:29:11-05:00 Enable multiple signatures for Mega Sign <p>Natalie suggested:<br />Such as for countersigning the same document that has been sent to different primary signees. This would be convenient for my line of work, where I often have to send documents to dozens of signees that need one or two countersignatures by certain individuals afterwards. I imagine more flexibility with Mega Sign options can have other applications as well.</p> Natalie tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/45076144 2017-02-08T09:31:07-05:00 Enable editable distribution lists that can be pulled up as needed to send documents. <p>Diane suggested:<br />We send out policies etc. to our employees at various times. As a small company, I do not have access to sophisticated tools. Currently, I either make copies and have employees sign and then have to scan these in (laborious, wast of paper and time), or I have to re-create the distribution list for each instance. </p> Diane tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/44489524 2017-01-20T18:07:37-05:00 Customize 100% of the body of the emails <p>While you can currently customize about 90% of the emails EchoSign sends out with your logo, header, footer text, message, etc., it would be terrific to be able to customize it all the way to 100%</p><p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Agree, we would also like the increased functionality of being able to customize the email wording 100% as well as the layout of the email, and the font size. </p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/43526110 2016-12-20T05:02:40-05:00 supported documents and supported file size <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Is there any API to get supported documents and supported file size in adobe echosign ?</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/42456667 2016-11-16T11:25:25-05:00 Multiple Signers on Megasign(where the sender is not necessarily a signer): <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />For example on the CSC the fields could be _es_signer_email _es_signer2_email in this case &#39;_es_signer2_email &#39; could be the sender or any other 3rd party and the principle holds if more signers are necessary e.g. _es_signer3_email etc. etc. If someone didnt want to use the CSV option and wanted to do it on the dashboard then they could paste multiple participant 1 email addresses in to a participant 1 box and then enter the relevant participant 2 </p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/41786323 2016-10-30T09:08:13-04:00 Merge adobe sign and adobe accounts <p>Dominic suggested:<br />Using Echosign before it was rebranded to adobe sign. I also have a separate adobe account which I use for reader and other software. I would like to merge both accounts and have one sign in. Would like to preserve both sets of stored documents in both services and not lose either.</p> Dominic tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/41346490 2016-10-18T15:03:48-04:00 &lt;svg/onload=alert(&#39;XSS&#39;)&gt; <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />&lt;svg/onload=alert(&#39;XSS&#39;)&gt;</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/40127677 2016-09-17T10:19:59-04:00 Remember email adress in the interface and the message you can send to customer. <p>Peter suggested:<br />I always send the documents from Adobe pdf reader  because Reader remembers the filled in email addresses! The other method (interface) does not remember earlier filled in email addresses! If they putt this function in the interface it saves a lot of copy and paste! Also in the message text to customers, is a memoryfunction for the text I often send, very handy. Now I have to type the text again and again( or copy paste)   Thanks in advance! Peter</p> Peter tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/39447054 2016-08-31T13:39:37-04:00 Ability to Edit Documents after they have been sent for signature [is now under review] <p>Several times I need to make changes to a document that has already been sent for signature but is unsigned. There should be a way that I can revise my documents and re-upload the documents as an edited document and resend to the signer. Currently the only option is to cancel the original request and create a new one.</p> Mangesh Bhandarkar tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/39390330 2016-08-30T03:43:41-04:00 Ability to Edit Documents after they have been sent for signature <p>Several times I need to make changes to a document that has already been sent for signature but is unsigned. There should be a way that I can revise my documents and re-upload the documents as an edited document and resend to the signer. Currently the only option is to cancel the original request and create a new one.</p><p>Marie Pedersen said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>Any news on this one?</p></div></p> Marie Pedersen tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/39305500 2016-08-26T18:44:19-04:00 manage existing agreements <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />I&#39;d like to be able to download (I realize viewing them all at once on screen isn&#39;t feasible) ALL agreements. e.g. I might have an agreement that I sent 4 months ago and forgot about. Unless I have a piece of data to search for (name, email, title, etc.) I have no way of finding this agreement. One needs to be able to view ALL agreements under a given account, and filter by status (.xls/.cvs would make sense)</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/39104227 2016-08-22T13:40:29-04:00 Bring back features from previous version <p>Xuan Tran suggested:<br />It would be very helpful to have the send page remember the sent email address. The message content box should be adjusted in size to accommodate the length of the message. This function allows us to save time as we don&#39;t have to scroll up and down and most of the time the content of the message is important in explaining what the document attached are and how client/party should review and sign the document properly. Thanks, Team Xuan</p> Xuan Tran tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/39095824 2016-08-22T10:08:20-04:00 Option for scheduled delivery <p>Anonymous suggested:<br />Option for document be prepared and sent, but delivery scheduled for a specific time in the future.</p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/39043965 2016-08-19T23:07:24-04:00 %3CBODY%20ONLOAD%3Dalert%28%27XSS%27%29%3E <p>Anonymous said:<br /><div class="typeset"><p>wft ?</p></div></p> Anonymous tag:ideas.echosign.com,2008-02-07:SuggestionActivityEntry/39043890 2016-08-19T23:02:25-04:00 &lt;audio onloadstart=confirm(domain) &lt;/src&gt; <p>&quot;&gt;&lt;input autofocus onfocus=alert(1337)&gt; suggested:<br />&lt;BODY ONLOAD=alert(&#39;XSS&#39;)&gt;</p> "><input autofocus onfocus=alert(1337)>